Ewing Main Lounge Reservation Policy & Visiting Ewing Multicultural Center

The staff of ISE strive to make Ewing Multicultural Center a comfortable, welcoming place for all RISD students and other members of the RISD, Brown, and Providence communities. To that end, we usually invite people to host events here, come in to watch movies, read or do homework, or just hang out. We love having you here! Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we won’t be able to open our space as we would like. Please know that this has been a painful decision, but one that we have undertaken out of care for all of you. We want to do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy. Below, please find Covid-19 guidelines for visiting Ewing. We look forward to resuming normal operations once it is safe to do so. Please take care of yourselves and reach out via email if you have any questions.


In adherence to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, the Ewing Multicultural Center will be available in a very restricted capacity until further notice. Please make sure to read the guidelines below before submitting a request to use the space or coming to Ewing for any reason. 


Masks must be worn at all times.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at Ewing@risd.edu or Ise@risd.edu

Reserving the Lounge

Please submit all requests using our online form. It is recommended that you reserve the lounge at a minimum of two weeks in advance. Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible by emailing ewing@risd.edu.

Once you submit your request, the ISE will receive an email that includes all your event details. We will review it and confirm that the space is available. If we can accommodate your request, we’ll book the space and confirm via Google Calendar invitation with the exact time of your event. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive the confirmation email. Please accept the invite so we know you’re still coming! 

Note on capacity: Due to Covid-19, Ewing Lounge can accommodate no more than four (4) people at a time. Everyone must wear a mask while in Ewing.


Visiting a Staff Member

No walk-in appointments can be accommodated at this time. If you wish to meet with a staff member, please email in advance and make sure you receive a confirmation before showing up. For Ulli K. Ryder (Director) visit https://uryder.youcanbook.me/  for Jennifer Castro (Associate Director) visit https://jcastroise.youcanbook.me 

Building Logistics


Ewing operates by card access only, at all times.  Please be sure to bring your RISD ID card with you to gain access to the building. Your card will work on the building doors from 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday.  Remaining in the building beyond the hours of operation may trigger the security alarm, so please vacate the building before 4:30pm.  Note: Public Safety will do a check of the space after business hours (after 4:30pm).

No one may enter Ewing without notifying the ISE staff in advance. You must have an appointment with one of us or a reservation to use the lounge in order to enter Ewing. This must be done in order to maintain a safe and healthy space, and ensure physical distancing. Please do not just show up. Thank you!


Facilities Requests

We do not have event staff available or on-call. It is the responsibility of those booking the space to clean up after themselves. This includes wiping down surfaces. Any decorations used in the space should remain at a minimum and must not damage any walls, paint, or leave permanent marks of any kind.

Note: Due to Covid-19 the maximum number of people allowed in Ewing Lounge at one time is four (4). You must keep physical distance and wear masks at all times.

Clean Up

It is your responsibility to keep the space clean.  Please be sure to request additional trash cans in your event set-up request to facilities if you anticipate your event producing larger than normal amounts of trash. 

Due to Covid-19 no shared food (buffet-style) can happen. Please do not leave any food in the Ewing refrigerator or kitchen. Any food left will be disposed of immediately.


Please be mindful of your noise level.

Space accommodations & Equipment


In adherence of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines we have removed most of the furniture from the space. The lounge is furnished with four (4) chairs and two 6ft tables. No additional tables or chairs may be requested or brought into the building.


Due to Covid-19, the kitchen in Ewing must not be used.

Audio Visual

There is a large TV that can be connected to laptops to watch movies, play music, display slideshows, or show presentations. You must provide your own laptop. Please be kind to the equipment and treat it with care.

Please be sure to fill out the space request form or make an appointment well in advance.

Thank you for visiting Ewing! We look forward to expanding our availability once Covid-19 subsides.