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Mailing Address: ISE, 2 College Street, Providence RI 02903-2784

Reservation Policy & Guidelines: Ewing Main Lounge Reservation


Please submit all requests using our online form. It is recommended that you reserve all spaces at a minimum of two weeks in advance. Please notify us of any cancellations as soon as possible by emailing ewing@risd.edu.

Once you submit your request ISE will receive an email that includes all your event details.  We will review it and check that the space is available. If we can accommodate your request we’ll create a calendar invite and put you right on the Ewing Calendar.  We then invite you to the event so you have confirmation of the exact time of your event and the space you’ll be in – please accept the invite so we know you’re still coming!

Building Logistics


Ewing operates by card access only, at all times.  Please be sure to bring your RISD ID card with you to gain access the building. Your card will work on the building doors from 6am - 11pm.  Remaining in the building beyond the hours of operation may trigger the security alarm, so please vacate the building beforw 11pm.  Note: Public Safety may do round of the spaces after business hours (after 4:30pm).

Facilities Requests

We do not have event staff available or on-call. It is the responsibility of those booking the space to arrange any set-up needs that are involved with your event. This includes arranging furniture, working with facilities for additional table and chair delivery, cleaning, decorations, etc. Any decorations used in the space should remain at a minimum and must not damage any walls, paint or leave permanent marks of any kind.

Clean Up

It is your responsibility to keep the space clean.  Please be sure to request additional trashcans in your event set-up request to facilities if you anticipate your event producing larger than normal amounts of trash. Many events involve food. Labeled food may be stored prior to your event in one of our refrigerators the day of your event. However, all food must be removed at the conclusion of your event.


Please be mindful of your noise level.

Space accommodations & Equipment


The main Lounge has 30 chairs, 2 benches, and 4 6ft tables. This furniture belongs to ISE so if you request to remove it from the lounge for your event please ask that it just be moved and not removed from the building.  Additional tables and chairs may be requested through facilities by submitting a work order.  Please remember any additional furniture must be requested via work order to be removed after your event.


The microwave, stovetop, oven and refrigerator are operational and for you to use.  The kitchen is not stocked with pots, pans, cooking utensils, etc.  You will have to provide these items yourself.  Reminder to leave the space clean and tidy please.

Audio Visual

If you have any audio/visual needs, there is a large TV that can be connected to laptops to watch movies, play music, display slideshows, or show presentations. You must provide your own laptop. Please be kind to the equipment and treat it with care.

For your safety and convenience, there is a landline telephone located in the Main Lounge on the wall; the phone number for the main lounge is (401.277.4941).

Please make the reservation at least 5 business days prior to your event. 

Thank you for choosing to use Ewing for your event!