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RISD FGC POP is an intensive, two-week, multifaceted experience for incoming RISD students whose parents did not attend or did not complete college. RISD FGC POP is designed as a transformational experience focused on supporting students in their holistic development. 

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In FGC POP, students will spend time expanding their artistic and academic skills, exploring their social identities, and building community with peers, continuing students, faculty and staff.

Benefits of Program

  • Academic preparation: the program will provide students with valuable academic instruction provided by first-year faculty, as well as an introduction to studio practice, critique, college writing, and liberal arts study at RISD.

  • Students benefit from: individual and small group support, guidance on transitioning into college, and information about navigating RISD's campus. 

  • RISD FGC POP encourages students to form strong interpersonal relationships with faculty, staff, and peers.

  • Community building: RISD FGC POP motivates students to immerse themselves into the city and campus environments while connecting to peers of similar backgrounds. 

  • Free campus housing and dining plan: RISD FGC POP provides no-cost housing and meal plans for the duration of program.

Note: This does not include housing and dining for the academic year. 

  • Stipend for the duration of program: RISD FGC POP will provide students with a stipend to compensate for the time dedicated to the program. Note: This is separate from and additional to any financial aid package a student may be offered.

Important Things to Know

  • Applications will open in early spring. 

  • Limited Space: students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. 

  • RISD FGC POP will occur from late August to early September. Students will immediately transition to First-Year Orientation after the program.

  • Students should expect RISD FGC POP to run in person and on campus, pending COVID-19 protocols.

For more information, reach out to us at The program currently prioritizes domestic students.

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