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Community Spaces at RISD

A person's faith and religious life can be a significant part of their identity. ISE is committed to assisting those who wish to continue their religious/spiritual practices while at RISD. We provide resources to help members of the RISD community connect with their religious community in the Providence area.

Please connect with our office if you would like accommodations for observing a specific holiday,

or if you have an idea for religious/spiritual programming!

Brown University has many religious and spiritual offerings that are available to RISD students. 

Reflection Rooms
Homer Hall 358

15 West, Room 238

The Reflection Room is available to all RISD students,

faculty and staff so that they may have a quiet space on

campus for prayer, meditation, reflection, or a moment

away from the bustle of campus and studio.

Open 6 am to Midnight, the room has been designed in a way that instills a sense of calmness in the individual.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Reflection Room 1.jpg
Reflection Room 2.jpg
Pride Room
Homer Hall 348

The Pride Room is a shared common space open to the entire RISD community to affirm the identity of our LGBTQIA+ community and their Allies.

We ask that any user treat the space with respect and courtesy, and follow the community standards.​ Open 6 am to Midnight. 

Pride Room 1.jpg
Pride Room 2.jpg
Pride Room Poster.jpg
Ewing Multicultural Center

Open Hours: 6am - 11pm

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (weekdays only)

Ewing Multicultural Center is home to: 

  • The Office of Intercultural Student Engagement offices.

  • The Main Lounge, a bookable space for students and staff, available for booking here!

  • Two patios, with plenty of space and furniture for an outdoor reprise.

  • The ISE Resource Library.

Ewing Lounge Resources

Feel free to enjoy our Resources in the Ewing Community Lounge! Our shelves are full of media with topics focused on different identities. We encourage the RISD community to read the books and watch the films. If you take a book or movie, please bring it back when you are done so others can enjoy them.

Find a list of our library's resources here.

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