RISD Gender Inclusive Restrooms

ISE is committed to continuing our conversations with the facilities team to remove the binaries from as many restrooms as architecturally possible.  As of July 2018, we will also be removing the binary signage from our Inclusive Restrooms, there will no longer be a 'male' and 'female' figure, instead the sign will simply read: Restroom.

15 West

1st Floor: Rooms 130B and 130C. Handicap accessible.


187 Benefit St. Garage

1st Floor: Room 107.


189 Canal St.

2nd Floor: Rooms 203 and 204. Handicap accessible.


1st Floor: Room 113. Handicap accessible.

2nd Floor: Room 222.

5th Floor: Room 509:


Bank Building

2nd Floor: Room 206.

Carr House

Basement: Room 11. Handicap accessible.

1st Floor: Room 104B. Handicap accessible.

2nd Floor: Room 215.

3rd Floor: Room 309.

Chace Center

3rd Floor: Room 304


College Building

1st Floor: Rooms 104 and 105.

2nd Floor: Room 233.

7th Floor: Rooms 706 and 707.

Design Center

1st Floor: Room 129. Handicap accessible.

2nd Floor: Room 241. Handicap accessible

4th Floor: Room 441. Handicap accessible

7th Floor: Room 741. Handicap accessible

Ewing Multicultural Center - EMC

Basement: Room 007.

1st Floor: Room 105.

Farago Wing

1st Floor: Room 104


2nd Floor: Room 213.

3rd Floor: Room 313.

4th Floor: Room 412.

5th Floor: Room 512. Handicap accessible.

6th Floor: Room 612. Handicap accessible


Market House

2nd Floor: Room 202. Handicap accessible.

Meeting St. Studio

1st Floor: Rooms 103 and 104.

Plantations Barn (Project Open Door Space)

Rooms 008 and 003


Thompson House

1st Floor: Rooms 13 and 19.

2nd Floor: Rooms 28 and 29.


Basement: Rooms 13B and 13D.


What Cheer Studios

1st Floor: Rooms 106C and 106D.

Woods Gerry

1st Floor: Rooms 109 and 110. .

123 Dyer

3rd Floor: Room 322

4th Floor: Room 418