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Success Stories

“Mac, my mentor was super inspiring!  Having the balance in life to do what you love and to also work is so important and that is something that Mac taught me. He said you should always do what you love and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to become a better you for it.  Mac taught me that as an artist, you need to make the time to create. You love art for a reason and should keep in your life.  I think I will always keep in touch with Mac. We have become friends. I look up to him as an artist and a person.” -Siena Smith, Illustration

 “The most interesting and rewarding part of being a mentor was seeing the growth and smiles of my mentee.  I liked that as we spent more time together, I experienced her trust – trust that she belonged here at RISD.”

“You’re going to find that [at Project Thrive] you can have someone to rely on when you’re going through a tough time transitioning to the different lifestyle of being a RISD student, adjusting to a new place, the workload (rewarding when you persevere), and any other new overwhelming experiences you might encounter.  You’ll know that there would be someone you can look to for advice, or look for to have fun with.”

-Priscilla Yuen 

“My mentor was a fantastic listener and seemed to be interested in the things I said. I feel like we clicked very well, and it was good to be matched with someone who shared similar experiences to my own. She always offered sound advice and has been a wonderful support system to me here at RISD.  I think I’ve developed a good relationship with my mentor and consider her to be a friend. I hope to continue this relationship we currently have throughout my time at RISD.” -Chantal Feitosa

“I chose to be a mentor because it gave me the opportunity to give back, to share my knowledge, to share myself, to share what I bring to the spirit of the RISD community, and to impart warmth and welcome to a student who is poised to grow and develop as a creative thinker and maker.  I believe the more we give, in turn we receive.  The experience of being a mentor was enriching, meaningful, and very rewarding as a result.  Your involvement as a mentor can shape you and another in a beautiful way.”

“I feel lucky that it worked out so well!  I loved how aligned my mentee and I were from the start. I feel like we have created a great friendship.  Looking forward to seeing her thrive at RISD in the years ahead!”

“Project Thrive has been an interesting experience for me because it has allowed me to meet new students and to help them navigate their new environment at RISD.  It has been exciting because I’ve learned more about RISD.  I’ve met new people, and I’ve gotten to be part of something larger than myself.” -Kate Sacco

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