Spirituality at RISD

Fuel your mind, body and spirit.


ISE is responsible for the religious and spiritual life of students, faculty and staff at RISD. It is the belief of this office that for many, one’s religious life and faith is part of the core of their being. In addition to providing resources that help members of the RISD community connect with their religious community in the Providence area, ISE is committed to assisting all those who wish to continue their religious/spiritual practice while at RISD.


Why you might connect with our office:

  • If you are observing a specific holiday and could benefit from certain accommodations

  • If you have an idea for program related to religious/spiritual exploration and/or understanding


While you are here to study art and become an artists and/or a designer, your religious/spiritual life is not something that you should or need to sacrifice! Brown University also has many religious and spiritual offerings, which are open to RISD students. To learn more click here!