Student Cultural Organizations


RISD has many student-run cultural organizations on campus. If you are interested in learning more about a particular organization, feel free to click the organization to be taken to the homepage of that group. Not finding the club or group you're looking for? Another great resource is the Center for Student Involvement located in Carr House; click here to find even more student organizations on campus!

BAAD is a student organization on campus that is here to create a safe and open space for the students of color. We promote open and honest discussions in our group that focus around subjects dealing with race, identity, and other social justice issues. We are also here to strengthen and support the students of color within our community, and to also bring awareness to the issues that affect our students on and off campus.



Our ministry serves the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University by offering students

opportunities to broaden their knowledge of their Catholic faith and grow in deeper relationship with Christ. We are a diverse and welcoming community that strives to serve God and the Church through worship in word and song, service to one another and to the broader world, and informed and reflective spirituality and discourse.

RISD CSSA is a cultural group with people who have Chinese heritages and/or interest in Chinese culture. We form a community where we spread and promote Chinese culture to other ethnic groups here in RISD and bring diversity to the RISD community. We hope that, by uniting all Chinese students in RISD together, we can bring another voice to RISD and urge a more harmonious community atmosphere to appear.

CRUSH is a RISD publication that intends to create a space for work that deals with identity. We aim to exhibit work that explores the presence of race, gender, sexuality and nationality in our community. In bringing these issues to light, we hope to create a safe space for people to express themselves. In addition to launching a publication, we intend to curate work for gallery shows and host events.

HisLa is an organization on campus that promotes, educates and creates a space for latinx and non-latinx students to mingle and learn about latinx culture! HisLa events include discussions, food, and social service and well as fun dances!

JALWA is RISD’s Bollywood Dance Club! We take inspiration from Indian movies and try to encompass several different styles in our choreography, such as: Bollywood, Jazz, Indian classical, hip-hop and Bhangra. It is a holistic and energizing workout! Participating in the club involves two weekly practices, but no prior experience with Bollywood dance is required.

A community to discuss Jewish culture, find people just like you, and find that nice Jewish boy/girl your grandparents won’t stop nagging you about. Also, if you are interested in going to Israel for free, get an internship there, or express your thoughts about Israel, please contact us!

Made in Taiwan, is a Taiwanese club founded by a group of Taiwanese students in Rhode Island School of Design in fall 2011. We wish to share our culture with every one of you!

Queer Student Association strives to help queer-identifying students cope with life at RISD by providing a supportive structure paired with safe spaces for conversation. QSA also provides a great deal of cultural and educational programs geared towards the community at large as well as the queer community to weld the two with a unified code of respect, safety, and understanding.

RISD Architecture Korean Association (RAKA) is a group that pursues a strong-bonded network within RISD Korean architecture students and alumni. RAKA not only gathers RISD Korean students and alumni, but also introduces architecture through their experiences to prospective freshmen or any other students who are interested in architecture. With cohesive discussions, public receptions, and RISD architecture advertisement, RAKA incites the Korean community in RISD and moreover interact with other Korean architecture students globally.

RISD Asian Christian Fellowship is a Christian community that provides a supportive environment for believers and non-believers to seek Jesus through sharing our stories with one another and through fostering humility, honesty, openness, and trust.

KSA is a student organization at RISD that introduces Korean culture including food, movie, and art. Anyone who's interested in Korean culture is welcome to join group. There are many fruitful information sessions for issues that students have, especially Korean students, such as process of taking a military service and VISA/job searching after graduation.

Our aim is to share the fun and interesting things about the Thai culture. Everyone is welcome to join and attend events that we hope to host once or twice a month. Events will include Thai festivals, cooking classes, Thai sports, workshop on traditional arts and many more. This is aim to provide a community for Thai students at RISD and to educate every students about Thailand. If you want to help us plan events, feel free to join the club and attend our occasional meetings!

Student organization spreading awareness about the culture, food, and festivals of South Asia, namely the following countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and more.

Our goals are to create a space for Muslim artists and designers to come together as a community, to explore our relationships with art and religion, and to address public issues concerning Muslims and Islam at RISD and beyond. Students of every faith or background are welcome!

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